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At Toronto Dog Boarding we offer a whole new level of Social Dog Boarding in the heart of the city.

We are located in Toronto’s Portland district, just up the street from the one and only Cherry Dog Beach – the best off leash dog beach in the city.

We have devoted our lives to dogs and completely decked out our private space with Custom Features made especially for High Energy, Off Leash, Social Dog Boarding. 

Call, Text or Email us to set up a Meet & Greet. Or Book Online Today!

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Don’t forget to take advantage of our On Site Dog Grooming Salon during your stay!

Overnight Dog Boarding


$60 / 24 HOURS

When your dog stays with us they will call our one of a kind Dog Boarding space in the Toronto Portlands their own! We spend our days as a pack, engaging in both outdoor and indoor activities. We can choose to play in one large group or we can split our indoor and outdoor areas into multiple yards depending on our dog pack’s needs. We ensure that all dogs; large, small, old, young, etc. are all able to have a comfortable and fun time with us!

Located at 39 Commissioners Street in a 2 story historic brick building, we have transformed a piece of Toronto’s rich history (one of its very first fire stations ) into something truly special. We have been searching for years for a place where we could provide ample indoor AND tons of outdoor space for our pack but still keep the warmth and flow of a comfy home, not a warehouse, and we have finally found it! We are surrounded by industrial parking lots so we are able to run, play and bark outside without having to worry about being in a residential neighbourhood or next to condo building… which means we can actually play outside all day long!


When you’re packing your dog’s overnight bag the only thing we need is your dog’s regular food. We supply everything else that we will need for your dog’s stay. When planning out food amounts we always recommend to raise the regular amount that you feed per meal if you have an active dog. We are a high energy pack environment so if your dog plays all day they will burn a lot more calories then they do at home. To maintain a stable weight they will need a higher calorie intake. If your dog is not so active then their regular amounts per meal will be just fine.

Our pack parents call and text the business cell phone all the time to check in on their fur babies. We love sending updates and pictures throughout the day. Text messages are always the best method of communication so we can respond on the run – we’re always in action and hands on with our dog pack.


We searched for the right place to create the perfect home for our dog pack. Having had our pack stay with us in our condo for many years, we knew we wanted to find something with more space and direct outdoor access, without losing the at home feel. We looked at a number of different industrial style buildings with a more than 10,000 sqft+ of indoor/outdoor space but in the end we wanted to give our pack a warmer, more intimate environment where they can truly feel at home. Thus, the fire station was born!

When your dog joins our pack they become a part of our family. Our motto has always been “Same Pack Leaders. Same Pack Mates. Every Time.” We provide a consistent daily routine involving high energy play, group socialization and, of course, super awesome evening cuddle sessions. Your dog will sleep soundly after a full day of socializing and exercising as an integrated member of our dog pack.

Our building is monitored using Google Nest technology. We have CCTV cameras in all the rooms and outdoors. These cameras also monitor and alert to movement and sound for added safety during the overnight period. We also use Google Nest Smoke / CO2 detectors. All technology is Wifi connected for added safety.

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We are trained pack leaders offering trustworthy and personal care to you and your dog. Our dog pack is our family. As each new member joins us, they become an integral part of our pack, our family and our lives. We play together, have sleepovers, go on day and evening outings to our private acre dog forest, out of town retreats, beach picnics, and much more. It is very important for us to create and nurture these bonds because, after all, this is why we do what we do!

Boarding your dog isn’t just about finding someone to feed and walk your dog while you’re away. It’s about finding someone who provides them with an active routine, a social and safe environment and who cares for them like they’re one of the family. Our daily routine involves group socialization, skill building, good behaviour reinforcement, and high energy off leash play. It’s so important for dogs to get out into nature every day so they can stretch their legs and really run as a part of a pack. We provide a free run home environment, while still making sure all of our dogs are comfortable; regardless of age, size or energy level.



12,000 sqft. of Indoor/Outdoor Private Off Leash Play Space

We’ve totally customized our building for the dogs. It has different areas for small and large dogs, as well as puppies to play during the day and sleep at night. They can all play together as one pack or we can give specific dogs their own space while we progressively work towards socializing them into the main pack.

We are all about getting dogs out for high energy pack play. We go out rain or shine and we want our dogs to be able to be dogs! We are happy to adjust your dog’s outdoor routine to fit their at-home lifestyle upon request, but otherwise the time they spend with us is time being a part of a real dog pack.

Top of the Line Solid Sealed Epoxy Flooring

This floor is completely sealed wall to wall throughout, no more seams like with the old rubber style flooring where bacteria seeps in and gets trapped. Yuck.

Personal Storage & Dedicated Feeding Stalls

There is a fully dedicated locker room to keep your dog’s food and belongings safe during their stay. We also have built in feeding stalls to ensure that your dog isn’t being bothered while he/she is eating breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Group & Private Sleeping Accommodations for Dogs of All Sizes

At night dogs are not shuffled into cages/crates and locked up for the night. There are separate rooms for small dogs, large dogs, puppies, dogs with special needs, etc. There are also private and semi private bedrooms that are available upon request. After dinnertime, they hang out all together, they go out for evening play and by bedtime they are absolutely tuckered out and sleep like logs.

Professional Grade HEPA Air Filtration System

These units are installed on top of AC and Heat and provide 4 levels of extra filtration ensuring clean, odor free air throughout our space.

Largest & Safest Dog Transportation in the City

Starting with the commercial fleet vans with the largest cargo space available, Mercedes Benz Sprinters & Ford E-250s, we have completely customized the interiors to provide your dogs with the ultimate in comfort and safety.

The riding area has been transformed into a reinforced crash resistant frame that is insulated and finished with a fully sealed top layer. This material is comfortable on the paws and food safe if it’s licked or chewed. This makes it possible for us to spray wash and disinfect all surfaces completely, creating a much more sanitary environment than seats, cushions, carpets, blankets that hold on to urine, feces, bacteria, odor. Gross. They have also been outfitted with a heavy duty metal barriers to create separate riding sections for large and small dogs, as well as create even more strength to the frame. This way all the dogs can ride in comfort and safety, no matter how big or small they are!

Most importantly, these vehicles are completely temperature controlled on a professional level. They are equipped with full thermostat controlled HVAC systems, which provide circulation, heat and A/C. Standard built in systems just aren’t strong enough properly heat and cool a vehicle from front to back evenly, especially with a pack of dogs inside!

Our vehicles are also equipped with top of the line security systems that include Drone GPS Tracking, Mobile Start/Stop, Mobile Engine Immobilization and Temperature Control.







We’ve taken Toronto dog boarding to the next level and completely out of the city! Our Country Dog Ranch is available from seasonally from as early as May 1st to as late as October 31st! We leave every Friday after our regularly scheduled Dog Walks / Dog Daycare and return late on Sunday nights. Pick ups are anytime on Monday between 7am – 6:30pm.

The entire property is fully fenced and completely secure but the dogs would never know it with the amount of land they have to run free on. There are ample flat grounds for ball chasing & top speed running, rocks and hills to climb, forest to chase each other through and a fantastic waterline to take a well needed dip on a hot day. Jumping off the end of the dock and getting the dogs to follow us in is one our favourite things to do up there!



At bedtime our dog pack has their very own customized private sleeping accommodations. Some of its features include:

– Fully automated temperature control.

– Soft Pine Chip substrate.

– Large comfy bedding for them to curl up on together.

– Direct access to a secured outdoor area for late, late night bathroom needs.



We take the dogs down to the jumping dock for daily swims and for those who want to feel the wind in their ears, we’ve got doggy boat rides! The dogs absolutely LOVE going out on the boat. It’s an excitement like no other! We always exercise extreme caution and never go too fast or ride in choppy conditions.

We are happy to open our doors to dogs that aren’t regular Dog Walking / Dog Daycare / Dog Sitting clients of ours, however, we must always ensure that we only integrate new dogs who meet our 3 REQUIREMENTS. A meet & greet must be arranged prior to the start of service.

If you would like your dog to escape the city & get back to nature with us at our Country Dog Boarding Ranch CONTACT US today!

Dog Boarding Requirements



All dogs must be fully vaccinated to participate in group activities. Mandatory vaccinations in Ontario include: Rabies, DHPP Boosters (Rounds 1, 2, & 3).
Though it is not mandatory in Ontario, we always recommend the Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough) any time you’re bringing your dog off leash with other dogs (eg. city dog parks).



All adult dogs must be fixed. We fully support and encourage the spaying & neutering of dogs and cats. Puppies that are still too young to be spayed/neutered are exempt from this rule.



All dogs must be well socialized and free from any aggressive, uncontrollable or unpredictable behaviour. We absolutely believe that each and every dog can be trained and/or rehabilitated, however these skills require proper training and the pack environment is not suitable for such exercises. The safety of our pack mates always comes first! All dogs must be very well socialized and non aggressive in order to be eligible for pick up and drop off services.



It is very important for all dog owners to understand that when you go to a public dog park or you send your dog to an off leash environment with other dogs there is ALWAYS the potential for accidents and incidents between dogs to occur. Dogs are living animals and they can get cut, scratched, bumped and bruised while playing – just like kids do at school.

Furthermore, even well socialized dogs can have their moments – again just like people – and lose their temper. We are here to meditate these situations and maintain order, but these are the inherent risks of allowing your dog to play off leash in a pack of free running dogs. Any dog care company worth their salt will have a comprehensive Service Contract in place that deals with all of these types of scenarios.


Dog Boarding Credentials

✔ We are a member of the Pet Sitters International Association.
✔ We are insured & bonded with comprehensive pet sitting insurance through RSA Insurance.
✔ We have been inspected and approved by the OSPCA and TAS.
✔ We have been inspected and approved by the Ontario Ministry of Workplace Health & Safety.
✔ We have an extensive background in the Rescue & Rehabilitation of dogs.
✔ We have many years of experience in Fostering, Rehab & Re-Homing dogs.
✔ We have been successfully operating and growing in Downtown Toronto since 2008.
✔ Every dog in our pack has been assessed as being well socialized and fully vaccinated.
✔ All Pack Leaders at Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. practice good behavior reinforcement and behavior correction. We do not use treats to control our pack.
✔ We have been voted as one of BlogTO’s BEST DOG WALKING COMPANIES IN TORONTO.
✔ We have been voted as one of the 5 BEST DOG WALKING COMPANIES IN TORONTO on
✔ We have appeared in the Globe and Mail as a Featured Toronto Dog Daycare, as well as in the Toronto Sun, CBC News, Global News, 416 Magazine, Online Travel Blogs and Money Sense as trusted dog care professionals… and on SNL and the Comedy Network just for fun!
✔ We have over 300 client reviews online on Google, Facebook and Yelp. We appreciate all of our amazing feedback and always take the time to address all questions, comments and concerns of clients who have used our services.

Dog Grooming Service Menu


Complete Grooming Treatment

Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment
Hair Trim/Cut & Styling
Full Fluff Blow Out
Full Brush Down (De-Shed if Needed)
Manicuring the Unmentionables
Ear Cleaning
Pawdicure Treatment

SM $85 / MED $110 / L $150 / XL $185


Complete Bathing Treatment

Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment
Full Fluff Blow Out
Full Brush Down (De-Shed if Needed)
Manicuring the Unmentionables
Ear Cleaning

SM $65 / MED $90 / L $110 / XL $150


Wash & Blow Out

Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment
Full Fluff Blow Out

SM $50 / MED $65 / L $85 / XL $110



$20+ Full Brush Down Only

Pricing is Dependent on Size, Breed & Length of Hair

$45 Dry Brush Down

Using a Leave In Shampoo. De-Shed if Needed.

Warm Bath Treatment

Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment. No Blow Dry. Not Recommended for Long Hair.

XS – $25 / SM – $30 / MED – $40 / LG – $50 / XLG – $60

$35 De-Shedding Treatment

Removal of your Dog’s Loose Undercoat Hair by Hand

$35 Full Facial

Trimming Facial Hair. Eye Clean with a Tear Stain Remover. Ear Cleaning. Fresh Breath.

$30 Manicuring the Unmentionables

Clipping and/or Trimming Hair Around Genitals & Anus Areas.

$25 Pawdicure Treatment

Nail Clipping, Trimming Hair between Paw Pads & Around Toes

$25 Everything Eyes

Trimming Hair Around Eyes. Eye Clean with a Tear Stain Remover.

$15 Ear Cleaning

Trimming Away Hair from Inner Ear, Gentle Cleaning Inside Ears.

$10 Fresh Breath

Teeth Brushing & Breath Freshener

$10 Nail Clipping Only

Simple & Quick Nail Trim Only


Cancellation Policy

Grooming services are offered by appointment only.

A credit card number is required to secure your appointment. If you do not have a credit card on file, payment will be required on pick up, before you take your dog home.

All cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to your scheduled service. Any cancellations made less than 24 hours prior will be subject to a 50% last minute cancellation fee.

In the case of multiple last minute/same day cancellations, pre-payment will be required.

Payment Policy

A valid credit card is required for booking all appointments.

Full payment is due on pick up.

For regular clients of Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. who receive regular bi-weekly automatic billing, grooming services may be added to your regular invoice.

Dog Behaviour & Safety Policy

For the safety of all our dogs and our staff, we cannot provide services to any vicious or aggressive animals. We reserve the right to refuse service in each individual case.

If an animal becomes upset during the grooming treatment we may skip a specific treatment that may be causing ample stress or discomfort. This may entail taking a time out and then resuming treatment or skipping it all together.

Disclosure Policy

Prior to starting services, we must be advised of any allergies your animal may have.

We must also be fully informed of any pre-existing conditions; medical or otherwise, that may be pertinent to the grooming process. This includes any negative past grooming experiences your animal may have experienced.

De-Matting Policy

Mats often occur in areas of friction, such as under the collar, behind the ears, in the armpits, or on the lower legs where the legs rub together.

The process of removing mats can be laborious, and a dog can put up with only so much. In the case of excessive matting it can be a very painful experience for your pet. As such, we assess each individual animal and will provide options for you. If a mat cannot be removed safely, or without causing excessive pain/stress, the hair will have to be cut off.

The length of the hair will fully depend on the amount of hair between the animal’s skin at the mat itself. Usually mats are located very close to the skin, which results in a very short haircut, and possibly even a full shave down.
As a policy, we will not leave this kind of matting intact through a groomimg treatment. If an owner requests that we leave this kind of matting intact, this animal will not be a candidate for grooming in our facility.

Sedation & Medication

Our service is completely drug free. Although sedation has its place, due to the risks to each individual dog, we believe a sedation free salon is best for everyone.

We carry our own premium shampoo products which are appropriate for most pets. Sometimes a veterinarian will prescribe a product for a specific health condition. We would be happy to use veterinary prescribed products if you provide them for us.

How To Choose The Right Place To Board Your Dog

When you are planning to go away, choosing where to board your pet can be tough! There are many factors when boarding a dog or boarding a cat that must be considered. Always start researching and reflecting early on so that you have time to choose the best place. Consider some of the following factors before making your choice and be sure to contact multiple different companies to ensure you choose the best fit for you and your dog.

Factors to Consider

Location & Security

Is the facility near enough to your home that you can pick up and retrieve your pet conveniently? If not, do they offer a pick up and drop off service? Is the dog boarding facility in a “safe” location and does the surrounding neighbourhood look safe to you?

What Are They All About?

Does the owner or staff seem engaged and excited about pet sitting? Do they play with your animal and get them excited when they arrive? Do they have any credentials or training? Do they sound competent in their knowledge of dogs and the business? How many people will be handling your dog? Are they all trained and insured? Are they part time or full time dog professionals? Do they provide adequate outdoor play time? Where? Are there other dogs around to play with?

Vaccinations & Medication

Do they require your pet and all pets boarding to have up-to-date medical records? Did they inquire about special foods or medications? Are they Emergency Certified and Trained? Do they have a Veterinarian Release plan in place in the case of an emergency? Are they insured for such emergencies?

Contact & Access

What sort of contact policy do they have if you need to get a hold of them? Is the person you’re meeting the one that will be handling your dog the whole time they’re there? If not, will you be able to be in direct contact with the people who are handling your dog? Does the facility close at night? If so, are you able to contact them after closing hours as well? Can you check in for updates throughout your stay?

In Home Dog Boarding vs. Dog Kennels

Is your dog being caged for long periods of time? What are the amenities accessible to your dog at all times (food, water, toys, bathroom, etc.)? Will your dog be staying in someone’s personal home? If so, whose home? What is their daily schedule? Many dog sitters have full time jobs and dogs are left alone in their home during work hours. Are they insured? What is their liability insurance? What is their monitoring system during the overnight period?

Intangible Impressions

Fun, joy, relaxation, camaraderie, freedom from anxiety, etc. Do the pets currently staying over seem happy and healthy? Is the home or facility clean and well taken care of? Do they offer an energetic social pack element including outdoor trips or is it a completely indoor ‘come and go’ setting?

Online Presence

Finally, investigate online, especially take note of any social media and reviews. DO they have a legit Website/Facebook page/Blog/Google Plus page? If so, what do their existing customers say about them? Do they post regularly? You can get a real sense of a person or company based on their social media/online involvement.

Our Stance

We have a long standing strong track record of professionalism and outdoor fun when it comes to our dog boarding services. We are always available to schedule a meet and greet and are more than happy to answer all the questions you may have for us. It is very important that our pack parents are comfortable with us and get to know us before leaving their dogs in our care. There’s no such thing as caring too much so ask us all the ‘silly’ questions you like!



























There are lots of fun things about having a dog, not least of which is coming up with the perfect name. Maybe you had a name picked out before you even met your pup, or maybe you’re two months in and still indecisive. It can be hard to make a decision so permanent and significant. Below, you’ll find a guide to help you pick the perfect name! Fear not, dog lovers, there are ideas here for every taste and every pup.


Personally, I looove when dogs have old people names. I find the classic names of yesteryear to be unique and regal. Who doesn’t want a gentleman dog named Albert, Eugene, Seymour or Walter? How about a lady dog named Agatha, Alma, Flora or Harriet? Find some good guys’ names here and girls’ names here.


Childhood is a common source of nostalgia. A friend of mine named her dog after the street she grew up on. I named my own dog after a cliche opening line in books I read growing up (“somewhere in the distance, a dog barked” – I named him Somewhere, thus turning it into “somewhere, a dog, barked”). Stroll down memory lane and see what clever names you can come up with!


dog_colorsSource: Ada Project
Is your dog brown? How about the names Brownie, Rolo, Chocolate, Coffee, Cocoa, Sienna, Chestnut, Caramel or Fawn? Black? Blackie, Onyx, Coal, Ebony, Sable, Inky or Noir. White? Snow, Snowflake, Sugar or Ivory. The options are endless. Try doing a search for your dog’s coloring and look for synonyms. If you’re dog is striped or spotted, look for those synonyms or consider naming them after another animal that has the same sort of coat. Does your dog have any special markings or identifiers? Is your dog super big or super small? That could lead to some inspiration too.


Have a favorite ‘famous’ dog? Whether it’s from real life (Tuna) or from Hollywood (Lassie, Blue), you can likely find inspiration in the form of notable dogs. Check out these internet famous pups and these movie and TV dog names. Love books? You could name them after a famous author’s dog (Jack London had a dog named Possum) or after a dog in a book (like Argos from Odysseus).


Homesick? Consider naming your dog after your hometown, state or country! Want to honor your heritage or a foreign land you love? Consider giving your dog a foreign, but understandable, name like Pierre, Fritz or Kaiser. Irish and love the water? Try Murphy, which literally means “off the sea.” Try Googling dog names of your favorite country or common words used in the language.


Who doesn’t want to think about their favorite food all day? Think how happy you’d be to run around the dog park yelling “Pizza!” Okay, that one is a little weird. But if Apple was good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s good enough for us. We also like Alfalfa, T-Bone, Bacon, Fish, Bagel, Lemon, Biscuit, Blondie, Kale and Peaches, to name a few. See some good ideas here and here.


Around the age of 11, my parents told me that they went back and forth for ages over my name, finally settling on Loren but forever loving Autumn (and being doomed to never be able to use it, as I was the only girl). Since I knew pretty early on that I probably wouldn’t have kids of my own, I named one of my first dogs Autumn instead. The name fit her perfectly! So, if you and your partner have any discarded human names, there are some immediate contenders.


If you’re willing to spend some time with your pup before naming him or her, consider giving them a name based on their personality traits. Maybe they skip down the hall every time you come home (Skip) or have a funny bark (Bowzer). Maybe they’re super patient waiting for food or treats or with your young kids (Patience) or maybe the have the best overall disposition you’ve ever seen (Happy). Love to sleep all day? Snoozy! Loves to be right next to you? Cuddles! Won’t stop peeing by the door? Puddles! You get the idea. Maybe just don’t name your dog Sir Humps A Lot. Or do! Who are we to judge?


If you’re adopting your dog from a shelter or rescue, your new BFF likely already has a name assigned to them. If you love the name already, feel the dog is already attached to it, or simply just cannot be bothered to come up with anything different, you’re in luck! Another idea? I can’t tell you how many dogs I’ve met lately called Puppy. Or Cat. Maybe that seems stupid to you, but I actually think it’s cute and funny. Then there are the classics like Fido and Rover. In any case, you go with any of these and the decision has been made for you. And sometimes, that’s the biggest blessing of all.

Article By: Lo Lankford

What’s in a Name? How to Choose the Perfect Name for your Dog.

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There are lots of fun things about having a dog, not least of which is coming up with the perfect name. Maybe you had a name picked out before you even met your pup, or maybe you’re two months in and still indecisive. It can be hard to make a decision so permanent and significant. Below, you’ll find a guide to help you pick the perfect name! Fear not, dog lovers, there are ideas here for every taste and every pup. OLD MAN/LADY NAMES Personally, I looove when dogs have old people names. I find the classic names of yesteryear to be unique and regal. Who doesn’t want a gentleman dog named Albert, Eugene, Seymour or Walter? How about a lady dog named Agatha, Alma, Flora or Harriet? Find some good guys’ names here and girls’ names here. SOMETHING FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD Childhood is a common source of nostalgia. A …

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Feeding your dog a high-quality well-balanced food is one of the best things that you, as a pet owner, can do to keep your dog healthy. A good food will keep your dog’s hair coat shiny and sleek. It will strengthen his immune system. It will keep his digestive system in good health. But when it comes to choosing a dog food, the options seem almost endless. What’s Actually IN Dog Food? The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has established guidelines for regulators to govern claims a pet food company can make on its label. If the food is said to contain a single ingredient, it must contain at least 95% of that ingredient, not including water. If a combination of ingredients is advertised, that combination has to make up at least 95% of the food. For instance, if the food claims to be made solely of beef, …

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Dogs use constant energy to communicate. Energy is what I call being-ness; it is who and what you are in every moment. Dogs don’t know each other by name, but by the energy they project and the activities they share. They know humans in the same way. As humans, we too are communicating with energy – whether we realize it or not. And, though we may attempt to persuade, explain, and rationalize all day long, these energy signals are the only messages getting across to our dogs. The first energy that a puppy experiences after birth is mom’s calm, assertive energy. Later, the puppy will follow a pack leader who projects the same calm, assertive energy out of association. As pack followers, dogs return a calm, submissive energy that completes the pack balance. It is important to understand that most dogs are born to be submissive, because there can only …

Weekend Dog Daycare Attendant Wanted !

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Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. is a fast growing Dog Walking, Daycare, and Dog Boarding provider located in Corktown, Toronto. Located just up the street from the Toronto Humane Society, Soulmutts has always focused on providing the best customer service and making sure that every dog under its care has a high energy, fun time in a safe and professional environment. We are looking for someone who can communicate with us clearly and tell us what he/she needs to achieve success, we encourage feedback and suggestions, and we want to create a comfortable family environment with all staff members we bring in. We are looking to truly integrate a new person into our pack long term from the ground up, not just a temporary helper here and there. We are looking for a high energy, dog loving individual to fill the role of Weekend Pack Leader. As such, your roles and responsibilities …

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