We are trained pack leaders offering trustworthy and personal care to you and your dog. Our dog pack is our family. As each new member joins us, they become an integral part of our pack, our family and our lives. We play together, have sleepovers, go on day and evening outings to our private acre dog forest, out of town retreats, beach picnics, and much more. It is very important for us to create and nurture these bonds because, after all, this is why we do what we do!

Boarding your dog isn’t just about finding someone to feed and walk your dog while you’re away. It’s about finding someone who provides them with an active routine, a social and safe environment and who cares for them like they’re one of the family. Our daily routine involves group socialization, skill building, good behaviour reinforcement, and high energy off leash play. It’s so important for dogs to get out into nature every day so they can stretch their legs and really run as a part of a pack. We provide a free run home environment, while still making sure all of our dogs are comfortable; regardless of age, size or energy level.



12,000 sqft. of Indoor/Outdoor Private Off Leash Play Space

We’ve totally customized our building for the dogs. It has different areas for small and large dogs, as well as puppies to play during the day and sleep at night. They can all play together as one pack or we can give specific dogs their own space while we progressively work towards socializing them into the main pack.

We are all about getting dogs out for high energy pack play. We go out rain or shine and we want our dogs to be able to be dogs! We are happy to adjust your dog’s outdoor routine to fit their at-home lifestyle upon request, but otherwise the time they spend with us is time being a part of a real dog pack.

Top of the Line Solid Sealed Epoxy Flooring

This floor is completely sealed wall to wall throughout, no more seams like with the old rubber style flooring where bacteria seeps in and gets trapped. Yuck.

Personal Storage & Dedicated Feeding Stalls

There is a fully dedicated locker room to keep your dog’s food and belongings safe during their stay. We also have built in feeding stalls to ensure that your dog isn’t being bothered while he/she is eating breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Group & Private Sleeping Accommodations for Dogs of All Sizes

At night dogs are not shuffled into cages/crates and locked up for the night. There are separate rooms for small dogs, large dogs, puppies, dogs with special needs, etc. There are also private and semi private bedrooms that are available upon request. After dinnertime, they hang out all together, they go out for evening play and by bedtime they are absolutely tuckered out and sleep like logs.

Professional Grade HEPA Air Filtration System

These units are installed on top of AC and Heat and provide 4 levels of extra filtration ensuring clean, odor free air throughout our space.

Largest & Safest Dog Transportation in the City

Starting with the commercial fleet vans with the largest cargo space available, Mercedes Benz Sprinters & Ford E-250s, we have completely customized the interiors to provide your dogs with the ultimate in comfort and safety.

The riding area has been transformed into a reinforced crash resistant frame that is insulated and finished with a fully sealed top layer. This material is comfortable on the paws and food safe if it’s licked or chewed. This makes it possible for us to spray wash and disinfect all surfaces completely, creating a much more sanitary environment than seats, cushions, carpets, blankets that hold on to urine, feces, bacteria, odor. Gross. They have also been outfitted with a heavy duty metal barriers to create separate riding sections for large and small dogs, as well as create even more strength to the frame. This way all the dogs can ride in comfort and safety, no matter how big or small they are!

Most importantly, these vehicles are completely temperature controlled on a professional level. They are equipped with full thermostat controlled HVAC systems, which provide circulation, heat and A/C. Standard built in systems just aren’t strong enough properly heat and cool a vehicle from front to back evenly, especially with a pack of dogs inside!

Our vehicles are also equipped with top of the line security systems that include Drone GPS Tracking, Mobile Start/Stop, Mobile Engine Immobilization and Temperature Control.