24 Hour Overnight in the City

$60 / 24 Hours

Welcome to our home! Located just up the street from the Toronto Humane Society, we own a fully detached house in the heart of Corktown/Riverside with 4000 sqft. of indoor space. When dogs stay with us they live with us side by side like they are one of the family. They’ll never be lonely here, that’s for sure! We always have dogs staying with us and there is a live in pack leader. Our long high energy days leave our dog pack tuckered out so they sleep like logs through the night in the comfort of our home.

We’ve totally customized our house for the dogs. It has different areas for small and large dogs, as well as puppies to sleep at night. They can all play together as one pack or we can give specific dogs their own space while we progressively work towards socializing them into the main pack.

We’ve installed professional grade rubber flooring, a custom stainless steel safety gating system throughout and have 1000 sqft of secure outdoor space on site with easy access to a private double garage for safe loading and unloading for trips to our private acre forest dog run. There is locker room to keep your dog’s belonging safe during their stay and a feeding room to ensure that your dog isn’t bothered while he/she is eating breakfast/lunch/dinner.

At night dogs are not shuffled into cages/crates and locked up for the night. We are not a ‘lights out & shut down’ type of service. There are separate rooms for small dogs, large dogs and puppies, as well as private bedrooms that are available upon request. There is a live in pack leader and dogs that stay with us have a homestyle evening schedule. After dinnertime, they hang out all together, they go out for evening play and late night pee/poo before bed. Then they are free to choose where they are comfortable sleeping; whether it is in one of the cushy open crates (no doors on them), cushions, dog beds, couches, raised platform bed, or to make a nest of pillows and blankets.

During the week (Monday to Friday) we spend our days in our private acre fully fenced forest dog run in the city. Shared with two other dog walking companies that we’ve known forever, it is a genuine slice of the wild right here in the down town core. Our packs consist of all kinds of dogs; large and small, young and old. We are a high energy pack who loves to run, chase balls and clown around outside any chance we can get. Those pack mates that like to move at a slower pace, whether due to age or special circumstances, are totally free to do so comfortably in our free run environment.

Between the months of May and November we spend our weekends with the pack at our COUNTRY DOG RANCH so all dog boarding reservations must span over the entire weekend.

If you’re interested in Dog Boarding at The Soho Hotel CONTACT US today!