How To Choose The Right Place To Board Your Dog

When you are planning to go away, choosing where to board your pet can be tough! There are many factors when boarding a dog or boarding a cat that must be considered. Always start researching and reflecting early on so that you have time to choose the best place. Consider some of the following factors before making your choice and be sure to contact multiple different companies to ensure you choose the best fit for you and your dog.

Factors to Consider

Location & Security

Is the facility near enough to your home that you can pick up and retrieve your pet conveniently? If not, do they offer a pick up and drop off service? Is the dog boarding facility in a “safe” location and does the surrounding neighbourhood look safe to you?

What Are They All About?

Does the owner or staff seem engaged and excited about pet sitting? Do they play with your animal and get them excited when they arrive? Do they have any credentials or training? Do they sound competent in their knowledge of dogs and the business? How many people will be handling your dog? Are they all trained and insured? Are they part time or full time dog professionals? Do they provide adequate outdoor play time? Where? Are there other dogs around to play with?

Vaccinations & Medication

Do they require your pet and all pets boarding to have up-to-date medical records? Did they inquire about special foods or medications? Are they Emergency Certified and Trained? Do they have a Veterinarian Release plan in place in the case of an emergency? Are they insured for such emergencies?

Contact & Access

What sort of contact policy do they have if you need to get a hold of them? Is the person you’re meeting the one that will be handling your dog the whole time they’re there? If not, will you be able to be in direct contact with the people who are handling your dog? Does the facility close at night? If so, are you able to contact them after closing hours as well? Can you check in for updates throughout your stay?

In Home Dog Boarding vs. Dog Kennels

Is your dog being caged for long periods of time? What are the amenities accessible to your dog at all times (food, water, toys, bathroom, etc.)? Will your dog be staying in someone’s personal home? If so, whose home? What is their daily schedule? Many dog sitters have full time jobs and dogs are left alone in their home during work hours. Are they insured? What is their liability insurance? What is their monitoring system during the overnight period?

Intangible Impressions

Fun, joy, relaxation, camaraderie, freedom from anxiety, etc. Do the pets currently staying over seem happy and healthy? Is the home or facility clean and well taken care of? Do they offer an energetic social pack element including outdoor trips or is it a completely indoor ‘come and go’ setting?

Online Presence

Finally, investigate online, especially take note of any social media and reviews. DO they have a legit Website/Facebook page/Blog/Google Plus page? If so, what do their existing customers say about them? Do they post regularly? You can get a real sense of a person or company based on their social media/online involvement.

Our Stance

We have a long standing strong track record of professionalism and outdoor fun when it comes to our dog boarding services. We are always available to schedule a meet and greet and are more than happy to answer all the questions you may have for us. It is very important that our pack parents are comfortable with us and get to know us before leaving their dogs in our care. There’s no such thing as caring too much so ask us all the ‘silly’ questions you like!