Overnight Dog Boarding


$60 / 24 HOURS

When your dog stays with us they will call our one of a kind Dog Boarding space in the Toronto Portlands their own! We spend our days as a pack, engaging in both outdoor and indoor activities. We can choose to play in one large group or we can split our indoor and outdoor areas into multiple yards depending on our dog pack’s needs. We ensure that all dogs; large, small, old, young, etc. are all able to have a comfortable and fun time with us!

Located at 39 Commissioners Street in a 2 story historic brick building, we have transformed a piece of Toronto’s rich history (one of its very first fire stations ) into something truly special. We have been searching for years for a place where we could provide ample indoor AND tons of outdoor space for our pack but still keep the warmth and flow of a comfy home, not a warehouse, and we have finally found it! We are surrounded by industrial parking lots so we are able to run, play and bark outside without having to worry about being in a residential neighbourhood or next to condo building… which means we can actually play outside all day long!


When you’re packing your dog’s overnight bag the only thing we need is your dog’s regular food. We supply everything else that we will need for your dog’s stay. When planning out food amounts we always recommend to raise the regular amount that you feed per meal if you have an active dog. We are a high energy pack environment so if your dog plays all day they will burn a lot more calories then they do at home. To maintain a stable weight they will need a higher calorie intake. If your dog is not so active then their regular amounts per meal will be just fine.

Our pack parents call and text the business cell phone all the time to check in on their fur babies. We love sending updates and pictures throughout the day. Text messages are always the best method of communication so we can respond on the run – we’re always in action and hands on with our dog pack.


We searched for the right place to create the perfect home for our dog pack. Having had our pack stay with us in our condo for many years, we knew we wanted to find something with more space and direct outdoor access, without losing the at home feel. We looked at a number of different industrial style buildings with a more than 10,000 sqft+ of indoor/outdoor space but in the end we wanted to give our pack a warmer, more intimate environment where they can truly feel at home. Thus, the fire station was born!

When your dog joins our pack they become a part of our family. Our motto has always been “Same Pack Leaders. Same Pack Mates. Every Time.” We provide a consistent daily routine involving high energy play, group socialization and, of course, super awesome evening cuddle sessions. Your dog will sleep soundly after a full day of socializing and exercising as an integrated member of our dog pack.

Our building is monitored using Google Nest technology. We have CCTV cameras in all the rooms and outdoors. These cameras also monitor and alert to movement and sound for added safety during the overnight period. We also use Google Nest Smoke / CO2 detectors. All technology is Wifi connected for added safety.

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