We’ve taken Toronto dog boarding to the next level and completely out of the city! Our Country Dog Ranch is available from seasonally from as early as May 1st to as late as October 31st! We leave every Friday after our regularly scheduled Dog Walks / Dog Daycare and return late on Sunday nights. Pick ups are anytime on Monday between 7am – 6:30pm.

The entire property is fully fenced and completely secure but the dogs would never know it with the amount of land they have to run free on. There are ample flat grounds for ball chasing & top speed running, rocks and hills to climb, forest to chase each other through and a fantastic waterline to take a well needed dip on a hot day. Jumping off the end of the dock and getting the dogs to follow us in is one our favourite things to do up there!



At bedtime our dog pack has their very own customized private sleeping accommodations. Some of its features include:

– Fully automated temperature control.

– Soft Pine Chip substrate.

– Large comfy bedding for them to curl up on together.

– Direct access to a secured outdoor area for late, late night bathroom needs.



We take the dogs down to the jumping dock for daily swims and for those who want to feel the wind in their ears, we’ve got doggy boat rides! The dogs absolutely LOVE going out on the boat. It’s an excitement like no other! We always exercise extreme caution and never go too fast or ride in choppy conditions.

We are happy to open our doors to dogs that aren’t regular Dog Walking / Dog Daycare / Dog Sitting clients of ours, however, we must always ensure that we only integrate new dogs who meet our 3 REQUIREMENTS. A meet & greet must be arranged prior to the start of service.

If you would like your dog to escape the city & get back to nature with us at our Country Dog Boarding Ranch CONTACT US today!