Dog Boarding Requirements



All dogs must be fully vaccinated to participate in group activities. Mandatory vaccinations in Ontario include: Rabies, DHPP Boosters (Rounds 1, 2, & 3).
Though it is not mandatory in Ontario, we always recommend the Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough) any time you’re bringing your dog off leash with other dogs (eg. city dog parks).



All adult dogs must be fixed. We fully support and encourage the spaying & neutering of dogs and cats. Puppies that are still too young to be spayed/neutered are exempt from this rule.



All dogs must be well socialized and free from any aggressive, uncontrollable or unpredictable behaviour. We absolutely believe that each and every dog can be trained and/or rehabilitated, however these skills require proper training and the pack environment is not suitable for such exercises. The safety of our pack mates always comes first! All dogs must be very well socialized and non aggressive in order to be eligible for pick up and drop off services.



It is very important for all dog owners to understand that when you go to a public dog park or you send your dog to an off leash environment with other dogs there is ALWAYS the potential for accidents and incidents between dogs to occur. Dogs are living animals and they can get cut, scratched, bumped and bruised while playing – just like kids do at school.

Furthermore, even well socialized dogs can have their moments – again just like people – and lose their temper. We are here to meditate these situations and maintain order, but these are the inherent risks of allowing your dog to play off leash in a pack of free running dogs. Any dog care company worth their salt will have a comprehensive Service Contract in place that deals with all of these types of scenarios.